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Wedding Invitations have come a long way over the past several years. But one thing has remained the same. It is meant to be a one time in a lifetime event with a celebration to match. We are here with hundreds of styles to meet your taste and budget.

Wedding Invitations set the tone for your wedding. It gives your guest a taste of what is to come. Besides expressing your personality as a couple it should also be telling your story. Is it going to be casual or formal? Are you trendy or are you traditional? What should your guests expect to see? How should they dress? Is it an all day affair or will it be a small ceremony at home? Whatever your style and expectations, we have an invitation just for you and your budget.

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Most weddings start with a Save the Date. Many popular styles include photos and or magnets.  The Save The Date card is usually sent out after the engagement and 6 months to a year before the wedding. It is particularly important to give  those out of town guests time to manage their travel plans.

Bridal Showers are that pre-wedding parties for the bride’s closest friends and relatives.

Pocket invitations keep things simple by organizing all of the details into one convenient and stylish carrier.

This grouping of invitations is ideal for the bride who is looking for something a bit more casual and budget sensitive. These styles include Seal ‘n Sends, All ‘n One Invitations _and Sep n’ Sends.


Invitations for Less

Unlike years ago, we now have different printing processes for your wedding invitation. Luxurious Letterpress Invitations are popular today on elegant textured papers and using both foil and ink in the process.

Thermography Invitations are the most common process. They are more commonly called “raised print” since you can feel the raised bump of the ink.

The most recent newcomer to the invitation printing stage is Digital Printing.  More than 350 of these invitations can be found throughout our invitation selections but the greatest number of them will be in our Affordable Style Brand Selection.  The digital printing process usually uses multiple ink colors and many of the styles incorporate printing on the back as well as the front of the paper.  When you see “Flip It!” under the invitation you will have printing on both sides.


If you are more interested in a certain theme for your wedding here are just a few of the categories you will find:


As you can see, our selection is quite large but there are even more designs available.  If you are in the Twin City area of Minneapolis and St. Paul we encourage you to make an appointment to come and meet with us personally in our showroom in Minnetonka.  There you will find many albums of actual samples of our online selections as well as some additional premium lines that are not available for purchasing online.  Companies  that we represent with stellar reputations include:




Invitations for Less

Guinevere – Checkerboard

A Fine Romance Album

You can get a look at some of their designs online on their own websites but because of the customizing details of their designs they are not availble to purchase online.  We welcome you to call or visit our studio in Minnetonka to view their offerings and explore the many options of custom design.

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