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Wedding Invitation B List

The Wedding Invitation B List has never been a favorite subject to me in all my 40+ years as a personal stationery retailer.  I have always felt that for a once in a lifetime event you should invite everyone.  Casting someone to the Wedding Invitation B list, besides being tacky, must also mean that they cannot be that important to you.  I once had a discussion with a bride who told me she had “best friends” but she also had “very best friends”. Luckily they were all invited to the wedding but unfortunately, their graded relationship was recorded for all to see in the ceremony program. Ouch!

Putting my personal opinion aside, I have had to face the reality that cost and venue size must add into the equation when planning the invited guest list.  Multiple families, multiple occupations and multiple life long friends can make for a list that overpowers your budget and makes the Wedding Invitation B List a necessity.

OK so you have a problem.  How best can we solve it?  First, you need to define the problem and then you can attack the solution.

  1. Make a list of everyone you want to invite. Then divide the list into 2 categories.  The first, the “A List”  are all those people that absolutely must be invited from Mom and Dad all the way down to your closest friends.  Don’t forget to include in your count your wedding party.  The second category includes all those people that you would like to invite, or better known as the “B List”.

    Wedding Invitation B List
  2.  Prioritize your lists.  The first list of musts is a given but the second list of likes is where you get your wiggle room. Prioritize the second list as to which of these people rank highest in your desire to extend an invitation. The bottom of this list would be those people who are not so important to you but, if you could, you would like them to share in your wedding day.
  3. Don’t divulge that there is a B List.  It seems elementary that awareness of a B List should only be known to the bride and groom.  However, social media and the need for someone else’s feedback or advice can sometimes let the cat out of the bag.  As a result there are hurt feelings and misunderstandings that can dampen the success of your wedding plans.
  4. Consider group relationships carefully. I can’t tell you how many times I hear about the problem with inviting work friends.  In your work setting you will naturally have a few people that you engage with regularly while some co-worker relationships can be more casual.  If you engage with a few of these people outside of work regularly and it is well known by everyone in the group, then go ahead and add those people to the Wedding Invitation A List.  Otherwise, all of your co-workers can be delegated to the Wedding Invitation B List.
  5. Make use of that Wedding Dance for your group friends. There is an additional solution we have used in the past that has worked well for many couples.  Consider using a separate invitation to your group relationships that only invites them to the after dinner wedding dance.  This is a great way to invite co-workers, the softball team, fraternity/sorority members, church groups etc. This is a cost effective measure that can be a win-win solution and spares everyone’s feelings. This way the entire group is treated equally and they are probably just as happy as a group to be invited to the dance and not the ceremony and dinner.
  6. Consider the respond date on your RSVP cards. Most wedding invitations are mailed 6-8 weeks in advance of the wedding and the response dates are 3-4 weeks ahead of the wedding.  When there is a Wedding Invitation B List you have 2 solutions.  One way is to mail earlier, say 10 weeks, and lengthen the respond time to 3 weeks before your event.  I would not change the response date to any closer than that.  Some people by nature are late responders so I would not give any more time to them.  On the positive side, most people who know they will not be coming usually respond quickly so you can replace the regrets with people on the B List right away and they will still have time to respond before your respond date expires.  A second solution for the respond card is to order 2 cards with 2 different dates. The A card would be dated 4-5 weeks before the wedding and the B card would be 3 weeks before the wedding.

    Invitation B List Respond Card
    Respond Card Example

Two final thoughts. . . Don’t forget to order enough invitations for both lists.  And be sure to visit the bottom of our homepage to request your Free Addressing Guide as our free gift to you for stopping by.

And, regardless of your hard work and planning, you will still have people who neglect to respond at all.  We have some answers for you on how to handle these folks in a future blog.  Stay tuned!

Be well and be kind!  Until next time.


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2019 Calendar Holiday Greeting Cards for Businesses

What a great idea for a business! Keep your name and phone number in front of your clients all year long with one of the 2019 Calendar Holiday Greeting Cards for Businesses. No need for them to hunt for your business card when that information is near them every day of the year.

Here are some specific designs for 2019 Calendar Holiday Greeting Cards for Businesses:

Photo Holiday Calendar
New House Contractor/Builder



<—A photo of all your staff. That is a great way for clients to refresh their memory with the name associated with the picture.


Or maybe you are a home builder or home renovation contractor. The New House Contractor and Builder is the calendar card for you.—>



Stylish Marble Calendar



Consider the Stylish Marble Calendar if your business supplies flooring or countertops.  Such a rich design could be used in many professional services as well.






Scales of Justice Calendar



The Scales of Justice Calendar is perfect for lawyers or firms related to the legal profession.





Environment Friendly
Living Green Calendar




Is your business concerned with the environment? The Living Green Calendar is a great choice for you.





Elevated Numbers
Elevated Numbers




For accounting firms or financial planners the Elevated Numbers style will work well.






All Year Round Landscaper




A whimsical representation of landscaping seasonal services could be the perfect holiday greeting to your clients to remind them to call you during the year.







2019 Dental Calendar



A 2019 Dental Calendar card reminds your clients how to reach you when those cleanings should be scheduled.





2018 Tranquility Calendar
Tranquility Calendar for 2018




Perhaps your business involves health and healing. The Calendar of Tranquility is a top choice if you want to convey a message of calmness and rejuvenation.





Flag Calendar




Are you feeling a bit more patriotic this year? Then you might want to choose the Flag Calendar which includes special dates to remember during the upcoming year of 2019.




These samples represent just a few of the available options for the 2019 Calendar Holiday Greeting Cards for Businesses on our website.

Best of all, you can send these calendars earlier around Thanksgiving and get a head start reaching your clients before the competition does.  It is a greeting card and a business card all rolled into one and lasts all year while helping to generate new and repeat business.

Best wishes and success for a profitable business campaign.  And remember, if you still prefer the traditional holiday card greeting there are hundreds at your fingertips on our website.  Be sure to watch for special savings in September and October!

Wishing you a great day today and an even better day tomorrow!


Invitations For Less











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Welcome to our NEW website!

In all 40 years in the business we have always listened to and learned from our customers. You have asked for a site that is easier to navigate and up to date with good etiquette advice while offering some the best pricing deals in the industry. It is here! With the addition of our Blog and our presence on Facebook and Pinterest we hope to keep in touch with you and give you that same personal one-on-one service we offer in our showroom here in Minnesota. Wherever you are, we welcome you and look forward to assisting you in making your event memorable. We pride ourselves in personalized service and satisfaction and you are invited to contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have. We like what we do and we look forward to meeting you and working with you.