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Set the Tone for your Beautiful Event.

Invitations For Less offers a very affordable Envelope Addressing Service with customized lettering for your Wedding Invitation, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitation, Graduation Announcement, Party Invitation or Holiday Card envelope. This service includes your choice of lettering style.  Most of the font styles offered can match those chosen for your invitation.  Seating Place Card Addressing is also available.


The Invitation Addressing Service is affordably priced at $1 per Invitation. Addressing for Table Seating Cards is 50¢ each. (standard place cards included for additional 50¢)

For invitations with double envelopes, the inner envelope is included for no extra charge.  Ink color can be blended to coordinate with the color of your invitation wording. Colored ink is $10 for the entire order.  Black is no additional charge.

Turnaround Time

Most of our addressing orders are completed within one week of receipt or less.  If special circumstances require faster turnaround, please contact us directly and we will try to accommodate your request.  If you are ordering your invitations from Invitations For Less, we will ship your invitations separately from your envelopes and you should receive your addressed envelopes one week after your invitations. If your invitations were purchased from another stationer, please ship one invitation sample with your envelopes.

Font Choices

We have a font library with hundreds of style choices.  They are listed by name and include a line of text.

Addressing Sample Fonts

*Please turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker to view Font Styles.

Submission of the Data Files for Envelope Addressing

We offer a Free Addressing Guide to assist you addressing your envelope and  creating your address list.  Please contact us for your FREE Guide. We are fully versed in Invitation Etiquette Addressing and will be happy to assist you further if you have questions.

After you have created your list of names and address, we request that the names and addresses be sent in a WORD file for us to address.  There would be one WORD file for the outer envelope and one WORD file for the inner envelope, if applicable.

Please keep the names on the files in the same order and please proof carefully; no abbreviations or punctuation unless you really want it done that way.  We are fully versed in Invitation Addressing Etiquette and will be happy to assist you.  DO NOT send a name/address that is incomplete.

The word files should have no columns, no tabs or special formatting of any kind. Enter the names and addresses in a block type like Times or Bookman, left justified, single spaced with double spaces between guests. Keep it simple but do make sure that what you send is what you want us to put on the envelope.  If you prefer to submit your list as an Excel file, we will convert it for a $35.00 charge.

Example of submitted Envelope file:

Outer envelope file

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Smith
1010 Oak Street Northwest
Olean, Mississippi 65999

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Fuller
8 First Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

Mrs. Janet A. Toth
241 Snow Boulevard Southeast
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55405

Inner envelope file

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Robert and Susan

Mr. and Mrs. Fuller

Mrs. Toth and Guest

Table Seating information can be submitted in a similar manor

Example of formatted Seating Card file:

Table 1

John Smith – fish (if applicable)

Mary Smith – chicken (if applicable)

Table 2

George Fuller – filet (if applicable)

If you are interested in our  Envelope or Seating Card  Addressing Service, please contact us or call 952.937.9549 and we will assist you personally with the details.